Black Sheep #3

"Neighborhood of the Beast" - Ivan and Fazul enjoy a boy's night out.

32 pages - 5.00


Black Sheep #2

"Neighborhood of the Beast",
"Da Ballz", fan favorite "Circus Peanut" and "12.8.80", a recollection of John Lennon's assassination from an 8-year olds perspective.

36 pages - 5.00

Black Sheep #1

Features "Neighborhood of the Beast". Set in the endless, beach-side suburban sprawl of Southern California our hero, ersatz novelist and musicologist Ivan, goes apartment hunting and ends up on the wrong side of the tracks. Also, our favorite alien and intergalactic sightseer Tozoa (B'Nau 5000) returns in "Walkabout".

32 pages - 5.00
Infallible volume 1

With assassinations, massacres and trials of the dead, Infallible explores the dark recesses of the papacy. Infallible revisits some of the most perplexing, reviled and infamous characters in history. Includes the incredible Cadaver Synod.

32 pages - 5.00


Blood, sweat
and beers! A sketchbook-memoir of 2007's AIDS/Lifecycle
ride from San Francisco to LA.

Appx. 4.25x5.5"
44 pages - 4.00

Midnight Creep

Reprinted for the Black Comix Art Festival. 2004's Midnight Creep is a Southern Gothic-Blues tale of infidelity, murder and reconing. Genre-crossing, it is easily the darkest work I've done and one of the most popular.

Appx. 5.5x5.5"
24 pages - 5.00

Major Taylor -
World Champion

At the turn of the century when racial prejudice wasn't just accepted, it was encoded in the law, forgotten hero Marshall "Major" Taylor broke the color line. A wheelman and racer without peer, Taylor's faith, integrity and discipline preserved him. He was a World Champion and his story continues to inspire.

20 pages - 4.00